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Religious Education Teacher

Job Description

Job Title: Religious Education Catholic Secondary Teacher

Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent

Job Overview:

We are seeking a dedicated and passionate Religious Education (RE) Catholic Secondary Teacher to join our school community. The successful candidate will be responsible for delivering high-quality RE instruction in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic faith, fostering spiritual growth, and promoting moral development among our students.

Key Responsibilities

1. Curriculum Development:

- Develop and implement engaging and relevant RE lesson plans that align with the Catholic faith and educational standards.

- Incorporate Catholic doctrine, scripture, and tradition into lessons to deepen students' understanding of their faith.

2. Classroom Instruction:

- Provide dynamic and interactive instruction in RE topics, encouraging critical thinking and reflection.

- Foster a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where students feel valued and respected.

3. Sacramental Preparation:

- Prepare students for sacraments such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Reconciliation, in collaboration with the parish and families.

4. Moral and Spiritual Development:

- Guide students in exploring moral and ethical issues from a Catholic perspective, promoting empathy, compassion, and social justice.

- Facilitate opportunities for prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth, both individually and as a community.

5. Assessment and Feedback:

- Assess student understanding and progress through a variety of formative and summative assessment methods.

- Provide timely and constructive feedback to support student learning and growth.

6. Parent and Community Engagement:

- Communicate regularly with parents/guardians to provide updates on student progress and encourage parental involvement in their child's religious education.

- Collaborate with the local Catholic community, including parish priests and religious organizations, to enrich students' faith experiences.

7. Professional Development

- Engage in ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance teaching skills and deepen understanding of Catholic theology and education.


- Bachelor's degree in Education, Theology, Religious Studies, or a related field.

- Practicing Catholic with a strong commitment to the teachings and values of the Catholic Church.

- Previous experience teaching Religious Education in a secondary school setting, preferably within a Catholic school environment.

Benefits of working with iCan Teach UK and our Partner Schools

  • Opportunities for professional development and growth within the School

  • Sponsorship provided for overseas trained teachers

  • Dedicated aftercare to support with your relocating to England

  • Comprehensive support with the move to England, facilitated by our dedicated aftercare team.

  • iCan Teach UK Mentor offering support throughout your first year

  • Annual Social Events

If you are enthusiastic about teaching in England and are eager to contribute to a vibrant educational community, please submit your resume today and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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