Olu Ologun
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Olu Ologun

Overseas Recruitment Co-Ordinator

About Olu

Before embracing her current role, Olukorede, fondly known as Olu, worked in recruitment for a logistics company. This experience has endowed her with a unique perspective and a set of skills that she brings to the world of educational recruitment.

What Olu Loves About Recruitment:
For Olu, recruitment is all about transformation and new beginnings. She cherishes the opportunity to help individuals embark on a new life in the UK as teachers. "I like to help people start a new life in the UK as a teacher," she says, capturing her passion for her role.

Life Outside Dunbar Education:
When she's not making recruitment magic happen, Olu is dedicated to her side business, always looking for ways to innovate and grow.

Fun Facts About Olu:

  • Favourite Quotes: “Our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think” & "Don't let a man tell you he doesn't want you more than once." These quotes reflect her deep faith and her belief in self-worth.

  • Past Life: Olu jests that in another life, she was "RICHER and Slimmer."

  • Lottery Dreams: If luck ever smiled upon her, Olu's first move would be to ensure her parents retire in comfort. And then? A shopping spree for shoes!

  • Alternative Life: If she wasn't such a star in recruitment, Olu imagines herself traveling the world, exploring new places, and yes, buying even more shoes.

  • Desired Superpower: The ability to discern everyone's toxic traits. With this power, Olu would either assist them in self-improvement or wisely distance herself. As she puts it, "Because not everyone wants to be helped."

A Message from Olu:
"The sky is big enough for everyone to fly. So aim high, and never limit your dreams."

Whether you're an overseas candidate looking to start a new chapter in the UK or a school seeking the best talent, Olukorede Ologun is here to guide, support, and ensure your success.

Jobs by Olu

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Religious Education Teacher
United Kingdom

​Job Title: Religious Education Catholic Secondary Teacher Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent Job Overview: We are seeking a dedicated and passionate Religious Education (RE) Catholic Secondary Te...

Business and Accounting Teacher
United Kingdom

​Job Title: Business and Accounting Secondary Teacher ​Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent ​ Job Overview: ​ We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Business and Accounting Secondary Teacher to ...

Humanities Teacher- All Specialisms Considered
United Kingdom

​Humanities Teacher ​ ** All specialisms considered - Geography and Religious Studies ** ​ iCan Teach UK is a specialist recruitment agency focussing on working with teachers relocating from overse...

French Teacher
United Kingdom

​Are you an overseas-trained French teacher with a passion for education and a desire to embark on an exciting new chapter in your career? If so, iCan Teach UK has an excellent opportunity for you!...

English Teacher
United Kingdom

​ Job Overview: We are seeking a passionate and dedicated English Literature Teacher to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a deep appreciation for literature and possess the skills to eng...

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
United Kingdom

​Are you a passionate language educator fluent in multiple languages? Ready for an exciting career change and eager to inspire students in the United Kingdom? Look no further! Our esteemed recruitm...

Music Teacher
United Kingdom

Music Teacher iCan Teach UK is a specialist recruitment agency focussing on working with teachers relocating from overseas to teach in the UK. Our expertise are both in matching the best teachers a...

Teacher of Biology
United Kingdom

​Are you a dedicated Biology teacher with a passion for science and a desire to inspire the next generation of scientists? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our prestigious sch...

Physics Teacher

​​Teacher of Physics ​ iCan Teach UK is a specialist recruitment agency focussing on working with teachers relocating from overseas to teach in the UK. Our expertise are both in matching the best t...

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