Where do we recruit from?

Predominantly the teachers that we recruit are from Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaican, the USA, South Africa, however, we do work with teachers from all over the world.

There are a variety of reasons that teachers from the above countries come to the UK more than others, however, it is predominantly due to the fact that we share a language and often great similarities in our education systems.

As well as working with experienced teachers coming to the UK, we are proud to work closely with Universities across the globe to offer opportunities for teachers from far and wide to begin their teaching careers in the UK.

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The vast majority of the Overseas Trained Teachers (OTTs) we work with can teach in the UK for the first four years, regardless of if they have UK QTS. However, many are eligible for QTS with no further assessment, and for others, the different routes are outlined below.

UK QTS and the Four-Year Rule

Overseas teachers who do not have QTS can teach in maintained schools and non-maintained special schools in England without Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for up to 4 years. This is called the ‘4- year rule’.

The 4-year rule applies to overseas teachers who meet all of the following conditions:

• They have qualified as a teacher in a country outside of the UK

• They have completed a course of teacher training that is recognised by the competent authority of that country

• They are employed in maintained schools and non-maintained special schools, but not a pupil referral unit

Applying for UK QTS with no further Assessment

Teachers that have qualified in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, are eligible to apply to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) for QTS without having to complete any further assessments or qualifications. Should they pass these checks, then they will be awarded UK QTS. The process should take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Gaining UK QTS through the Assessment Only Route (AO)

Although teachers not eligible for automatic QTS can follow all traditional paths to get a UK teaching qualification (PGCE, BEd), the quickest and most popular way is through the Assessment Only route.

  • The Assessment Only route should normally be a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

  • This will involve two formal assessments by the external assessor, and the school is required to provide a mentor who will regularly observe and meet with the teacher, as well as offer support.

  • While many schools contribute towards the costs of AO, it is not a requirement. The cost for the Assessment Only Qualification is £2,500 and can be paid by either the teacher, the school, or a combination of both.

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Do you need to sponsor employees when recruiting from overseas?

It depends on each situation, with just as many candidates we recruit from overseas not requiring sponsorship as those who do - Read more about the different routes below:

When a candidate doesn’t need sponsorship

​> British Passport Holder

Many of the candidates we work with already hold a British passport. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter where they were born or where they live; they are eligible to work in the UK without needing sponsorship.

> Common travel Area (Irish Candidates)

Irish Citizens do not require sponsorship to work in the UK due to Common Travel Area (CTA) arrangement. Irish citizens can move freely and reside in the UK and enjoy associated rights and privileges, including the right to work.

The CTA long-standing arrangement between the UK and Ireland pre-dates both British and Irish membership of the EU and is not dependent on it, meaning Brexit has no effect.

> Ancestry Visa

This is a 5-year visa that allows the holder to work in the UK without requiring additional sponsorship. The main criteria are that the candidate is a Commonwealth citizen, and one of their grandparents were born in the UK.

> Family Visa/Dependent Visa

Candidates whose partner/spouse is either a British/Irish Citizen, someone with Pre-Settled/Settled status, or has the right to work in the UK through another visa may have the right to work without requiring sponsorship.

> Youth Mobility Visa (Tier 5)

The Youth Mobility visa is a 2-year visa that allows the holder to work in the UK without requiring sponsorship. The majority of the candidates iCan work with from Australia, Canada and New Zealand are eligible for this visa. The main criteria are that the candidate is from one of the mentioned countries, and are aged between 18 and 30.

> EEA – Pre-Settled or Settled Status

If the applicant is from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and was living in the UK in December 2020, then they will have been eligible to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. If they have been successful in applying for this, then they will either have Pre-Settled or Settled status; which will allow them to live and work in the UK without restriction.

When a candidate does need sponsorship

If a candidate is not eligible for any of the options in the previous section, they would need to be sponsored to teach in the UK, which then allows them to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa. All qualified Primary, Secondary and Special Education Needs teachers are eligible to qualify for a Skilled Worker visa.

> Main criteria to sponsor a candidate

The employer (school, MAT, or local authority) must have a licence to issue sponsorship (if you are not already a licenced sponsor, then let us know and we'll send you more details)

The candidate’s salary must be at least £25,600 or the ‘going rate’ for the job offer. (This is reduced to £20,480 for shortage subjects - Maths, Science with Physics, Computer Science and Mandarin)

​> What are the costs?

£563 - if you’re a small or charitable sponsor (most schools): £199 Certificate Cost + £364 Immigration Skills Charge

> Do I need to advertise the roles?

Not anymore! The Resident Labour Market Test was abolished in January 2021; consequently, employers are no longer required to advertise their roles for any period before appointing any candidate, regardless of their subject or if Primary or Secondary.

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English Language and Literature Teacher



Dance Teacher



Food Technology Teacher



Engineering Teacher



Music Teacher

London | £30000-£40000


Music Teacher

Surrey | £30000-£40000


IT Teacher

Dorset | £30000-£40000


Computer Science Teacher

Kent | £30000-£40000


Social Studies Teacher

Essex | £30000-£40000


Citizenship Teacher

Hertfordshire | £30000-£40000


Religous Education Teacher

Berkshire | £30000-£40000


History Teacher

Bedfordshire | £30000-£40000