Why the UK?

Our partner schools are based in London & the South-East, so you have the choice of living the fast-paced city life or relaxing in the English countryside!

A move from Ireland to England to teach gives you access to a home away from home! With large Irish Communities, easy travel to major cities and easy access to airports to head home in the holidays, a move to England is also hugely beneficial professionally too!

The high number of teaching and substitute vacancies in England means newly qualified teachers are likely to walk straight into their own classroom and more established educators get to take on new challenges and responsibility.

Check out of 21 Reasons to Relocate Guide to find out more benefits of moving to England.

Why iCan?

Here at iCan we know that the move to England is a big step, that why we provide a service that covers the entire journey. Whether you’re looking for accommodation, flights, interview tips or Irish communities we can help and are by your side all the way!

What can we offer you?

  • Roles throughout the South of England including London

  • A dedicated consultant for your entire journey

  • In depth knowledge of the English education system

  • Interview days held in the UK & overseas

  • Assistance with personal set up in England

  • Support throughout the process including our world-class aftercare service

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As an Irish teacher coming to the UK, you have no restrictions with regards to visa, therefore have the choice of any of the employment options outlined.

Permanent or Fixed Term Contracts

This would mean that you are employed directly by the employer, either on a permanent contract (with no end date) or on a Fixed Term Contract (for a specific period of time, usually between 1 and 2 years). The task of finding the right vacancy, completing application forms and submitting CVs can feel like a full-time job in itself. Our excellent relationships with schools and MATs throughout the country means that we can help you find the perfect role in the UK

Long Term Placement

Long-term placements allow you to work on an ongoing basis in one school. This can vary from a few weeks, a term, or even a full year. This is often the preferred method of employment for both teachers and schools when candidates are relocating from overseas as it gives you the opportunity to experience being in the school before deciding to agree to a permanent contract. Long-term placements can often lead to the offer of a permanent role and allow you to experience teaching in a variety of settings, ensuring that you can see how each school operates, and make sure that if you do decide to take a permanent role the one you select is the right place for you.

Day2Day Supply

If you are looking for a role that gives you more of a work-life balance (allowing you to travel a lot more while you are here) and mostly requires no planning - then supply teaching may be for you. It offers that flexibility so you can work around other commitments. It also affords you the opportunity to gain more experience in numerous settings and schools. Sometimes it is daunting accepting a permanent role right away - supply teaching allows you to get the feel for the school and can lead to a longer-term contract if that is what you are looking for. Through daily supply, you can ensure you are finding the perfect role for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would I look for a role using iCan Teach UK?

A. We are a specialist company working solely with Overseas trained teachers, meaning that we are experts in both finding you a role AND everything else which comes with moving countries.

Q. How much does it cost to register with iCan Teach UK?

A. There is no cost to working with iCan Teach UK. The only charges that you would ever incur are related to visa applications and this is paid directly to the government.

Q. Do I need a visa to work in the UK?

A. As an Irish citizen, you do notrequire a visa to work in the UK. Please head to our visa section in the Help Centre

Q. When are interviews held?

A. Interviews are held throughout the year, so although the majority of positions start in January, April, or September, please get in touch any time.

Q. Will I receive guidance and advice before my interview?

A. Absolutely, we will be able to give you tips and advice on what to expect. The majority of interviews are held virtually, although iCan Teach UK do travel to Jamaica to hold in-person interview Get in touch with us directly for interview advice and tips.

Q. Does iCan Teach UK help me to find me somewhere to live?

A. The team here will support you with finding somewhere to live, however, we have found that each person/family has different requirements, so it is a process you should absolutely be involved with as well. Find more information in the Help Centre

For more guidance and advice, please head to the Help Centre by clicking here!

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