I have had great success with iCan Teach UK. I have been working with Beth from the beginning and she has made the whole process very straightforward. I am delighted now to have accepted a job offer and Beth has continued to assist in the process in terms of documentation and accommodation. My experience to date with iCan Teach UK has been very positive, Beth has been diligent, reliable and a delight to work with. I highly recommend iCan Teach UK.

Irish Trained Maths Teacher


They are very helpful. They communicate with your regularly about the progress of your job search and also give great support such as planning for the interviews and sample teaching. I will definitely recommend them

Jamaican Trained Maths Teacher


Excellent team! I've had the pleasure of working with Matt Brown and Beth Price. Both have been extremely considerate and accommodating, providing timely updates and constant checks. There's always someone to answer your questions. I've already recommended them to my friends in Jamaica. Kudos to the team!

Science Teacher, Jamaican Trained


The agents are extremely helpful and considerate. I recently migrated from Jamaica for a teaching position. So far they have assisted me with settling in the UK . Kudos to Matt Brown and Beth Price who have assisted me tremendously and still continue to work with me. I would definitely recommend this agency as they go above and beyond to make sure that you have a smooth transition.

English Teacher, Jamaican Trained


If you are looking to move from outside the UK and you would prefer a position in teaching, then don't look any further than ICan teach UK. They will give you the best advice, ensure you know what to do throughout your process and arrange all your interviews with schools you should fit in with. I have moved from Johannesburg South Africa to England and my wife and I can't wait to explore the whole of the UK. Big thanks to all members that assisted me at ICan Teach UK and a special thank you to Matt Brown.

DT Teacher, South African Trained


I was struggling to find a job in Ireland. Within three hours I was scheduled for an interview with a school in the UK. I can teach helped me through the process have me interview pointers and expectations and now I'm in a well paying job in a school with lovely students and a very supportive staff. Couldn't recommend then enough.

Georgaphy Teacher, Irish Trained


​I worked through so many agencies and most of them weren’t helpful at all. When I first made contact with iCan Teach UK Jenna Roberts called me within a day and we got the ball rolling. Pretty soon after I had interviews lined up. I ended up getting an amazing offer from a school. All because Jenna didn’t let me give up. She was helpful, kind, enthusiastic, and patient throughout the whole process. I could call her anytime if I had even the silliest questions or worries. I already recommended her to some people. I couldn’t have asked for better. 

The help with the Taxi is also a major bonus  

Maths Teacher, South African Trained