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Media Teacher

Job Description

Job Overview:

We are seeking a dynamic and innovative Media Teacher to join our dedicated faculty at [School/Organization Name]. The ideal candidate will have a passion for media studies and a commitment to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy skills in students. This is an exciting opportunity to inspire the next generation of media professionals and storytellers.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Curriculum Development: Develop and implement engaging and relevant media curricula that align with national standards and educational objectives.

2. Media Production:Teach practical skills in media production, including video production, digital photography, graphic design, and multimedia storytelling.

3. Media Analysis: Facilitate discussions and activities that promote critical analysis of media texts, genres, and platforms, fostering media literacy and cultural awareness.

4. Digital Media Technologies: Integrate emerging technologies and digital tools into the curriculum, empowering students to navigate and create media in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

5. Project-Based Learning: Design and oversee media projects and assignments that encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and creative expression.

6. Media Ethics and Citizenship: Engage students in discussions about media ethics, responsible digital citizenship, and the social and ethical implications of media production and consumption.

7. Assessment and Feedback:Assess student learning through a variety of methods, provide timely and constructive feedback, and track student progress to ensure academic growth.

8. Extracurricular Activities:Organize and oversee media-related extracurricular activities, such as film clubs, photography competitions, and digital storytelling workshops.

9. Professional Development: Stay informed about current trends, best practices, and technological advancements in media education through professional development opportunities and networking with industry professionals.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Media Studies, Film Production, Communications, or a related field.

  • Teaching qualification/certification from a recognized institution.

  • Previous teaching experience, preferably in media studies or a related field.

  • Proficiency in media production software and digital tools.

  • Strong communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

Benefits of working with iCan Teach UK and our Partner Schools

  • Opportunities for professional development and growth within the School

  • Sponsorship provided for overseas trained teachers

  • Dedicated aftercare to support with your relocating to England

  • Comprehensive support with the move to England, facilitated by our dedicated aftercare team.

  • iCan Teach UK Mentor offering support throughout your first year

  • Annual Social Events

If you are enthusiastic about teaching in England and are eager to contribute to a vibrant educational community, please submit your resume today and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.