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Geography Teacher

Job Description

​We are excited to welcome a talented and dedicated Geography Teacher to our esteemed institution in United Kingdom.


  • Inspiring Teaching: Plan, prepare, and deliver high-quality Geography lessons that captivate students’ interest, encourage critical thinking, and promote a deep understanding of the subject.

  • Curriculum Development: Contribute actively to the development and enhancement of the Geography curriculum, ensuring it aligns with national standards and encourages students’ curiosity about the world.

  • Student Engagement: Foster an inclusive and engaging learning environment where students feel motivated to actively participate in discussions, projects, and fieldwork.

  • Individual Support: Provide tailored support to students, recognizing diverse learning styles and abilities, to help them excel academically and develop a genuine passion for Geography.

  • Assessment and Feedback: Implement effective assessment strategies, provide timely and constructive feedback to students, and work collaboratively with colleagues to monitor and improve academic progress.

  • Extracurricular Activities: Encourage and lead extracurricular activities related to Geography, such as geography clubs, field trips, or environmental initiatives, enriching students’ educational experience.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Geography or a related field.

  • Teaching qualification and certification from a recognized institution.

  • Experience in teaching Geography at the secondary school level, demonstrating a profound understanding of the subject matter and effective teaching methodologies.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Enthusiasm for Geography and a genuine interest in cultivating a love for the subject among students.

  • Adaptability and willingness to work in a diverse and inclusive educational environment.

Benefits of working with iCan Teach UK and our Partner Schools

  • Opportunities for professional development and growth within the School

  • Sponsorship provided for overseas trained teachers

  • Dedicated aftercare to support with your relocating to England

  • Comprehensive support with the move to England, facilitated by our dedicated aftercare team.

  • iCan Teach UK Mentor offering support throughout your first year

  • Annual Social Events

If you are enthusiastic about teaching in England and are eager to contribute to a vibrant educational community, please submit your resume today

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