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iCan Teach UK and Community Engagement: Spotlight on Rugby Sponsorship

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author: Jenna Roberts

​At iCan Teach UK, our commitment to community extends beyond the realm of education. We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Dexter Pittaway, a dedicated player at the Milton Keynes RUFC. Dexter, the No. 7, is a notable member of a team steeped in a rich tradition of rugby.

Originally hailing from Zimbabwe, Dexter's journey to Milton Keynes RUFC highlights the club's diverse and inclusive spirit. He regularly plays in the 1st XV or the 2nd XV teams, often alongside his brothers, showcasing a familial bond that enriches the club's atmosphere.

Milton Keynes RUFC has been a cornerstone of the community since the mid-1870s. The club's history is not just about rugby; it's a story of community cohesion, resilience, and a shared love for the sport. This long-standing tradition is something we at iCan Teach UK deeply respect and are excited to be a part of.

Our sponsorship of Dexter represents our support for local talents and the values that rugby promotes - teamwork, commitment, and community participation. These values echo our mission at iCan Teach UK, where we aim to nurture and encourage in all areas of learning and community involvement.

As Dexter continues to contribute to his teams at Milton Keynes RUFC, we are honored to support him and the club. This partnership is more than a sponsorship; it's an opportunity to reinforce our dedication to the local community and to support a club that has been bringing people together for generations.

We invite the community to join us in supporting Dexter and Milton Keynes RUFC, as they uphold the legacy of rugby and foster a strong sense of community in our area.

Learn more about Milton Keynes RUFC here.