About Dunbar Education & APSCo

iCan Teach UK is honoured to be recognised as an APSCO Accredited institution, a testament to our unwavering dedication to the highest echelons of professionalism in the recruitment industry. APSCo stands as the pinnacle organisation in recruitment, fervently advocating for stringent standards and fostering a business environment deeply rooted in ethical practices.

Dunbar Education - APSCo Compliance+ Accredited

Achieving Compliance+ certification signifies that every member of our iCan Teach UK team is bound by a rigorous code of professional conduct. It mandates an unwavering commitment to APSCo's ethos of professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled quality of service. This accreditation is not just a badge; it's a promise. A promise that our clients and candidates will always experience a recruitment service that is transparent, trustworthy, and top-tier.

Our pledge to uphold these lofty standards underscores iCan Teach UK's dedication to ethical and compliant recruitment practices. It's more than just business for us; it's about delivering a calibre of customer service that is truly unparalleled in the industry

Who are APSCo?

APSCo UK stands as a paramount British recruitment industry association, offering a global platform tailored for firms operating within the professional sectors. By furnishing exhaustive resources, robust advocacy, invaluable networks, and unmatched support, APSCo UK empowers entities ranging from fledgeling start-ups to established multinational companies. Their guidance ensures these firms not only achieve but also maintain success, proficiency, and strict adherence to regulations. Since its inception in 1999, APSCo UK has risen to be the foremost voice of the professional recruitment sector in the UK, providing top-tier services that render a significant impact on its member organisations.

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