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Matt Brown


About Matt

​Matt is a Co-Director at Dunbar Education and leads the operations side of Dunbar Education and iCan Teach UK.

Matt has worked in recruitment since 2006, and in education recruitment since 2010, and as well as running the operations for the group he also heads up the iCan Teach UK division and still works very closely with our schools in East London, South East London, Kent and Essex.

Outside of work, Matt is a father of 3 children under 3 (he accepts your sympathies). He is also a huge Arsenal fan, and during the tough times for them over the last ten years he has picked up golf and tennis as hobbies to take his mind off it all.

In his own words......

What I love about recruitment is that every day is different. My role has changed from just working with our schools and teachers to helping to develop our team internally. I love working with people and seeing people achieve their goals.

My favourite quote is “Everything's gonna be alright"

If I was to win the lottery tomorrow, I would upgrade my house, car, and friendship group.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be to fly at the same speed as Superman. Get food from all round the world whenever I want it

The best advice someone has given me is “Never wait or hesitate, get in kid before it's too late, 'cause you may never get another chance. Youth's a mask and it don't last. Live it long and live it fast" - Rod Stewart via my Dad

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